5 Ways a White Smile Improves Your Health

Dark-haired man smiles and points proudly at his beautifully white teeth against a yellow wall

Here are five ways that having a whiter smile improves your overall health!

  1. Less plaque and tartar buildup
  2. Bacteria is one of the big reasons for tooth discoloration. When your teeth are whiter, it means you don’t have as much built-up plaque and tartar. This means a lowered risk for gum disease and tooth decay, as well as systemic health conditions like heart disease, respiratory issues, dementia, and diabetes complications.

  3. More Motivation to take care of your teeth
  4. When you achieve a whiter smile through professional teeth whitening at Southern Dental Fort Smith, you want that whiteness to last as long as possible. You’ll likely be motivated to take care of your teeth through better brushing and flossing at home. While you preserve your smile’s whiteness, you’re also avoiding dental problems and improving your mental and emotional health!

  5. More Confidence at Work
  6. If you aren’t happy with the whiteness of your smile, it can affect your confidence at work. You might smile less or feel self-conscious. Other people may notice and assume things about you. For those looking for a job, the confidence that comes from a great smile could help you get promoted or excel in your next job interview!

  7. Less Social Anxiety
  8. We all want to make a good impression when we’re in a social setting. If you’re worried about your smile, you may experience social anxiety or avoid social settings altogether. Your mental health can suffer. Having a whiter smile boosts your confidence at social gatherings and makes you more attractive to others.

  9. A Better Overall Mood
  10. When you have beautiful white teeth, it’s easier to smile more. This impacts your health as studies show smiling triggers the release of serotonin and endorphins. These hormones are linked to feelings of happiness and peace.

Keep your smile healthy at Southern Dental Fort Smith

Great oral hygiene at home, professional cleanings at our office, and in-office teeth whitening can help you have a dazzling smile. Having a whiter smile can benefit your oral health, mental health, emotional health, and your physical health! You’re more likely to take good care of your teeth and feel confident about your smile, and are less likely to experience dental issues, anxiety, and depression. If you have any questions or want to book an appointment with Dr. Phillips, please contact us today!

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