The Power of Fluoride Treatments in Preventive Dentistry

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Let’s talk about fluoride – your teeth’s best friend! This natural mineral is a superhero in preventive dentistry, working tirelessly to keep your enamel tough and fighting off cavities. How does it do it? By rebuilding weakened areas of your teeth and keeping those cavity-causing bacteria at bay.

Professional Fluoride Treatments

When you visit the dentist, you might get a professional fluoride treatment, especially if you’re prone to cavities. This could be because of your age, eating habits, or just your dental history. These treatments give your teeth a concentrated dose of fluoride, making your enamel stronger and more resistant to decay.

Fluoride Care at Home

But, it’s not just at the dentist’s office; fluoride comes to the rescue at home too! Using fluoride toothpaste is like having a daily mini-treatment. It cleans your teeth and leaves behind fluoride to strengthen enamel and fight plaque. Brushing correctly with it helps keep your smile healthy and cavity-free.

Fluoride Rinse

For an extra layer of protection, there’s fluoride mouthwash, like ACT (when you’re shopping, look for an active ingredient of “sodium fluoride”). It works alongside brushing and flossing to keep your mouth clean and defend against cavities and gum disease. Regular use means you’re giving your oral health a big boost.

Professional Fluoride Treatments in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Choosing fluoride treatments is a smart move for your smile’s longevity. If you’re in Fort Smith and looking for a dentist who caters to you and your dental needs, reach out to Southern Dental Fort Smith. We’re here to make sure your smile stays bright and strong!

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